Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Performancing - The best Firefox plugin for Bloggers?

I have only started to use it, but with support for Technorati Tags, and pings as well as all the other default editing tools and you have yourself a very handy little tool.

Performancing is embedded into firefox in the toolbar at the bottom. This is where you can access most of the plugins available within firefox. With one click an extension to the current window will appear, and allow you to continue browsing on the top half while documenting everything in the Performancing window.

Go here for more :

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Friday, December 8, 2006

Children See. Children Do.

This is a brilliant and powerful television ad from Child Friendly. You really need sound for this.

Really makes you think. Parenthood is gonna be real hard. You are just a teacher in a 20 year constant lesson (i.e until your kid moves out).

And off Wii go...

The Nintendo Wii went on sale in Europe today and I can't seem to find an available one for purchase anywhere.

Argos, Tesco's and Game are all sold out. Even the accessories are all sold out. Madness. I suppose that its £100 cheaper that an Xbox (premium) so parents see it as a no-brainer.

I am not one of these people who absolutely must have any of the next-gen consoles, like the people who apparently have been camping out for the past 2 days. This is madness. Why would you be that hung up on life to actually need one of these the very second they are released. Now, dont get me wrong - I bloody well want a go - but to camp outside a shop waiting for it...... aaaahhhhhh NO! No chance mate.

I hear also that ebay now has auctions where a Wii can be purchased for in excess of £500. Goodie. Watch me also mouse click my way over there to enter my string of numbers for one. No.

I really cant believe that any "hardcore" gamer is actually paying this money. Why would you? If you wait til the day after Christmas you could pick one up with ALL the available games for that money, and still have enough to fill the living room full of beer for when you actually use it.

And parents? What? Why are you spending every last penny you slaved over the last year just to make "poor wee jonny happy"?? Poor wee jonny will be bloody happy if you just buy twister and play along with him. Not by buying a Wii and sticking him in a room so you can have a brandy. (p.s My parents never stuck me in a room so they could have a brandy!! Just incase you think I was a traumatized kid.)

No. I will have some patience and wait until an abundant supply and then make the informed decision.

Although the playstation 3 (PS3) will apparently undergo a "major" firmware upgrade in March (around the European launch) which may provide "Wii like abilities".

Better graphics + Wii controller + internal harddisk + DVD playback = PS3 is a winner.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

More christmas decoration delights.

Here is another little mantle piece extravagance for the christmas period that my other half has indulged in. It is sort of cool but then there isn't really any need to set the scene... Is there? We all know Santa will be coming soon and he is going to drop of all of the delightful things we least wanted.

Now I just need a grand fireplace just like that one and effectively I am living the dream ... Right?

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

You know its nearly Christmas when...

... The ridiculous decorations come out.
My significant other likes to indulge in everything Christmas. Don't get me wrong I love it when the tree gets put up and the house is decorated. The problem starts when money is spent on so called "cute" things but these look more like clutter than decorations.

Then again, I blog this to vent. Who would have the balls to actually tell the woman not to buy silly things?

AHHHHH Man!! What happened to your blog?

Well, I have shifted see.

I am now using blogger beta instead of blogger. See.

They didnt give me the option straight away to shift my account - so I took the matter into my own hands and created a blogger beta account myself.

All other posts can be found at my backup location.

The reason for changing over to the blogger beta account will result in many more pictures appearing on the blog. Thats because I can now update it with my mobile phone. So stay tuned kids.

All people are now vulnerable. I wanted to record a girl on the train yesterday. She was nodding off and her head kept bobbing. You know - when it drops and then you regain a little consciousness and catch it - but then you drift off again. It was hilarious to watch. I stopped myself due to the fact that all the perverts and paedos in the world have ruined it for everyone. No longer can you record someone because it is funny. No. Now you will get attacked by onlookers because they automatically assume you are disgusting. So - yeah - I decided not to record the girl. Failing that I prob would have been sued for putting that on the t'internet anyways - as I'm sure she wouldn't have appreciated it .

But - what'cha'gonna'do?

They have Antrim hotels in Liverpool now.

Seems there is no getting away from us. We get everywhere. There are obviously more incidents like the above picture to be found on the UK mainland than other areas of the world, but one thing is for sure... We sure do like to leave Ireland (and then moan to everyone that we really miss it). This is going to be something I take to now - finding the most remote place the irish people have adopted as their homes. Watch this space.